6 Clever Motivational Tricks to Become a Fitness Addict

Do you fight yourself going to the gym or dread hitting the pavement for a run? Learn how to become a fitness addict with these 6 clever motivational tricks.

Over half of the year has escaped us.

You’ve had about half a year to crush your resolutions for the year, or you’ve had a year to not crush them. Either way, this means you have the remainder of the year to keep going or pick yourself back up.

Whether you swore to yourself to learn Spanish or lose 10 pounds, it’s better late than never. Remember, anything is possible!

If your goal was to become a fitness addict, you’re in luck. Keep reading to discover six tips to become the workout machine you aim to be. 

1. It’s All About Community 

One of the best ways to becoming someone who loves to workout is surrounding yourself with people who already love to workout. Their motivation will start motivating you.

Talking to strangers can be hard, but it’s rewarding once you start! Start with a local Facebook group, approaching people at a gym you joined, or even working out with co-workers after a long day at the office. Fitness addicts can shape you into a fitness addict.

2. Set Small Rewards

Setting a gym schedule can be difficult, but it’s easier to follow it once you’ve also set a reward schedule. Trust us, rewards don’t have to be expensive or food-based. 

Tell yourself every evening you exercise for at least 45 minutes, you can enjoy an episode or two on Netflix. That way, you can fit in your favorite show, and you won’t feel guilty about lounging that night. 

You can also buy yourself new workout gear as rewards, or you can treat yourself to a manicure after a week of hitting your workout goals. 

3. Pay Attention to Feeling

One of the quickest ways to kill a workout or health spree is stepping on the scale every day. Between hormones, bloating, gaining muscle, and whatever else, everyone struggles with the scale.

When you first start becoming a fitness addict, pay attention to how your body is feeling instead of the number on the scale. Are you feeling stronger and healthier? Are you able to do more reps or run for a longer period of time?

4. Make a Killer Playlist

A great way to become a fitness addict is to have fun while working out. While this seems impossible to some, creating a playlist of workout songs is a good start. 

Throw on any song that gets you moving and grooving. It’ll keep you motivated in the gym.

5. Mix It Up

If you do the same exact workout every day, you’ll end up becoming bored and giving up. Save yourself from misery by trying new things!

Did you go for a run today? Try a Zumba class tomorrow.

Never tried yoga? Sign up for a yoga class with friends!

6. Don’t Compare Yourself

A guaranteed way to fail at becoming a fitness addict is by comparing yourself to everyone else. 

Focus on you and your body. You can have people alongside you during your journey, but keep your journey your own. 

Tips for Becoming a Fitness Addict 

Are you ready to become a fitness addict? Make sure to read all of the tips above.

Between setting up a reward system and finding a workout community, you’re heading towards success. You just got to have the confidence and motivation to keep going. 

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