Who is Eligible for the COVID-19 Booster Shot?

The COVID-19 booster shot is required by countries around the world as an entry requirement. Read more about who is eligible for the COVID booster.

The first COVID-19 vaccines were administered in December 2020. Today, the CDC and FDA have approved boosters for these shots, including a Moderna booster shot and a Pfizer booster shot.

However, if you are like most people, you may wonder – who is eligible for a COVID booster? This is a good question, and you can find the answer here.

What Is The COVID-19 Vaccine Booster?

The COVID booster shot is an extra dose of the vaccine that is given after the protection offered by the original vaccine has begun to wear off.

The booster will help you maintain a high level of protection from the coronavirus.

Is A COVID-19 Booster Necessary?

While the protection provided by the original vaccines is extremely powerful, a Pfizer and Moderna booster will help ensure that the protection levels remain high in your body.

According to studies from the FDA and CDC, after five months, the effects of the original shots will begin to wane. With the booster, your protection is extended, even against the latest strains – delta and omicron.

Being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster offers a higher level of protection from a severe case of this disease. It also reduces the likelihood of hospitalization and death compared to only having the original vaccination.

Who Is Eligible For COVID Boosters?

Currently, the following people can receive a COVID booster:

  • Individuals 18 and older who received the Janssen-Johnson vaccine two months prior
  • Individuals 18 and older who received both Moderna doses a minimum of five months prior
  • Individuals 12 and older who received both Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines a minimum of five months prior

It is recommended that you receive the vaccination and booster even if you have had COVID-19. Before receiving the shot, ensure you follow the established quarantine and isolation guidelines to avoid infecting other people.

It’s also a good idea to discuss your history of COVID-19 and how it affected you with your medical provider.

Are There Side Effects To The COVID Booster?

After you receive the vaccination for COVID-19, some people experience temporary symptoms like what they have with the flu. This includes a swollen or sore arm at the injection site, a fever, body aches, fatigue, and headaches. You may also have swollen lymph nodes and chills for a few days.

The symptoms you experience do not mean you are ill. What they mean is that your immune system is responding to the injection and building up a wall of protection against the virus.

Now You Know Who Is Eligible For A COVID Booster

With the information above, you have a better idea of who is eligible for a COVID booster. If you have not received your vaccine, you will need to get this and then wait the set amount of time (usually two to five months) to receive the booster.

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