Five Strategies to Enhance your Mental Health

Exploring the Essential Elements for Achieving Complete Health and a Sense of Wholeness Within Ourselves

In modern times, physical activity and emotional expression are neglected, leading to depression. Achieving total health, which means feeling whole and vibrant in our body, mind, and emotions, requires eating the right food. The root word of “health” is “whole,” so feeling healthy means having a sense of wholeness within ourselves. To achieve this, we must ensure that our body is vibrant, our physical energies are dynamic, our mind is joyful, and our emotions are exuberant.

Physical activities such as sports and music can significantly improve our emotional well-being. Children with mental ailments can recover within three months of adding these activities, providing an outlet for their emotional dimension and the physical exertion they need. On the other hand, today’s people often watch nature on their phone screens, losing connection with the elements that support and manage our lives. Therefore, exposure to nature, such as walking in the jungle or taking a small boat ride, can help balance our physiological and psychological health.

Eating the right food is also essential for maintaining good health. In the past, diets were tailored to specific jobs, but today we need to be physically and mentally sharp. Ash gourd juice is a very positive food that enhances the sharpness of our intellect and makes us mentally more sensitive. Honey also enhances psychological stability, physical well-being, and vitality.

The body has different levels of efficiency in cleansing itself. A clean colon is essential; in yoga, it is crucial to have a clean one, as a dirty one can cause psychological disturbances. If your bowels do not empty themselves within twenty minutes of waking up, it could be a sign that you are in ill health or heading there quickly, both physically and psychologically.

In conclusion, physical activity, emotional expression, exposure to nature, and eating the right food are essential for achieving complete health and a sense of wholeness within ourselves. Neglecting any of these elements can lead to depression and other health problems. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate these elements into our daily lives to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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