The Prediabetes Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Healthy

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Diabetes is a condition that more than 34 million people have been diagnosed with, according to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

Even greater numbers of people are diagnosed with prediabetes. When you embrace a change in diet, you will be able to nip this issue in the bud so that you don’t encounter further complications with this disease.

Read on to learn more about the prediabetes diet and how it can improve your life and your health as a whole.

Staples and Rules of Thumb for the Prediabetes Diet

So, what staples of the prediabetes diet should you learn about?

There are some specific rules of thumb that you will need to follow to keep your diabetes at bay.

Start with these points and make sure you are following them regularly:

Cut Out Refined Carbohydrates, Fried Food, and Other Junk

White bread, white rice, and other sorts of refined carbohydrates should be eliminated from your diet ASAP. They spike your blood sugar levels in ways that will worsen your condition. You should switch to whole grains instead.

Eating fried foods can also lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Cut out processed foods, excessive sugar, and additives when at all possible.

Eat Lots of Vegetables

Taking in heaps of vegetables can control your prediabetes by keeping your blood sugar level.

Kale, collards, spinach, and other field greens are excellent for reducing inflammation and adding lots of necessary fiber to your diet.

This fiber will control cravings and blood sugar spikes that further your prediabetes problems. Don’t forget to include roots like sweet potatoes and yams, which are low on the GI scale.

Take Advantage of Seeds and Healthy Oils

Seeds are tiny but pack enough of a punch to stabilize your health and energy levels.

Eating flax seeds on a regular basis will take your health to the next level since you are getting lots of dietary fiber, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. Others, such as hemp seeds and chia seeds, give you much of the same results.

Enjoy a Fruit Smoothie Every Day

Waking up to a fruit smoothie for breakfast can be a tremendous way to start your morning. Not only does it kick-start your metabolism, but fruit is incredibly easy to digest, so you get lots of energy without your gut having to pay for it.

This is an excellent, low-calorie way to get your fuel that doesn’t involve sugary coffees or energy drinks.

Load up on Lots of Legumes

Finally, legumes are your best friend when you’re on a prediabetes diet. They have health-bolstering omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of calories to keep you full.

This will help you to avoid cravings that lead to poor food decisions.

Switch Your Diet to Improve Your Health Condition

You should look into the prediabetes diet to make sure you are getting your health and wellness under control. Start with the tips above and you can’t go wrong.

Stay tuned for more health-related information, and don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our workouts and philosophies.

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