A Guide for Supplements to Boost Immune System During the Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and many are at risk. Here is a guide for immune system supplements that can be taken to help boost your immune system

COVID-19 has been taking the world by storm and if you’re like most of the world, you might be concerned about your health

Staying safe and relatively isolated is a great way to help mitigate any risks of the coronavirus. You also might want to boost your immune system. Wouldn’t it be good if your body had a better chance of fighting off any nasty viruses on its own?

While there’s no real prevention for COVID-19, a boosted immune system is going to help protect you from all illnesses. Immune system supplements can help keep your immune system healthy so you have an extra layer of protection against sickness. 

If this sounds good to you, get ready to take notes. Read on to learn about some of the most promising immune-boosting supplements on the market right now. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is amazing for immune health. It’s common in medications and solutions that are meant to be taken to prevent colds or mild sicknesses before travelling. Its immune-boosting qualities are well-known and documented.

Vitamin C is specifically useful for upper respiratory infections. Research shows that it can shorten the duration of illnesses as well as ward them off. It helps support your white blood cells.

While many people get a ton of vitamin C in their diets through adequate nutrition (remember, you should be sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables if you want to have a healthy immune system) an extra supplement doesn’t hurt if you want to cover your bases.

Vitamin C can be overdone, however. A healthy adult should cap out at a maximum of 2,000 mg of vitamin C. More than that, and you can encounter problems with ulcers, a sour stomach, or potential pregnancy complications. 

Vitamin D

Have you heard people saying that you should be trying to get outside for a healthy (though isolated) walk as often as possible during quarantine? 

Exercise is obviously good for you, but the vitamin D that the sun helps your body produce is great for your immune system. This is so true that not having enough vitamin D can actually contribute to your potential for other illnesses.

Vitamin D decreases inflammation and helps improve your immune response. This means it’s great for boosting your immune system. 

Like the other supplements on this list, vitamin D is protective against respiratory infections. Taking it will hopefully boost your immune system enough that you can avoid the illness altogether. If not, you can only suffer through a mild form of it, making it easier to fight off.

Most people get enough vitamin D from the sun, but during quarantine, not everyone is able to go outdoors for recreation. The sun is also bad for your skin unless you have adequate protection, so not everyone is willing to risk it. If you’re in a position where you’re unable to get outside, you need to get vitamin D from your diet or from supplements. 

Vitamin B Complex

There are several kinds of B vitamins that can help with your immune health. A B complex vitamin will contain all of those B vitamins so that you don’t have to worry about deficiencies due to your diet. Many people, even those with healthy diets, are lacking 1 or several B vitamins in their diet, so supplementation is important. 

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is incredibly helpful to the immune system. It helps to keep your blood cells healthy (and blood cells are essential to your immune response) and it helps metabolize your food into energy, allowing you to more easily fight off illness. 

Vitamin B6, also included in a B complex vitamin, is also helpful for immune responses. Not having enough vitamin B6 present in your body can lead to a reduction in blood cells, and thus a weakened immune response. 

The other B vitamins included in the complex help with issues related to important functions of the brain and body, making them essential during a time of medical crisis. B vitamins are often overlooked, but they’re part of what keeps your skin, hair, mental health, and immune system healthy. They do a lot of work!

Combination Immune Boosters

If you want to take the guesswork out, there are specially formulated immune system boosters pre-made for situations just like this one. While individual supplements are great for helping out an already nutritious diet, if you’re not sure what you’re lacking, you might benefit from a combination supplement system instead. 

These supplements are made from natural ingredients like echinacea and citrus that support the immune system and overall health of the body. They also come in forms that are easy to digest and metabolize.

Even if you take a multivitamin, you can still take an immune booster for an extra bit of help. 

There are drops for children so that they’re easy to administer and kids don’t have to take bad-tasting vitamins. There are also more powerful capsules for adults.

Whatever needs your immune system may have, these should have you covered. 

Take Immune System Supplements to Protect Yourself During COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis is scary, but you can help protect yourself by enhancing your immune system and staying safe. 

Immune system supplements aren’t magic, but they are documented to help prevent respiratory illness. While we don’t know much about COVID-19, we do know that it is a respiratory illness and that these supplements should still help. 

Boosting your immune system is never a bad thing, and you’ll be healthier for it even after the crisis has passed. 

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