What Is the Best Immune Booster for Kids During Coranvirus Crisis?

What Is the Best Immune Booster for Kids During Coranvirus Crisis?

Though the coronavirus seems to hit adults harder than children, kids made up 2,572 of the confirmed US cases from February to April, and 3 children died. We need to make a strong effort to protect all of our nation’s children from this pandemic and prevent them from turning into carriers for the virus. 

But how? Give your kids an immune boost to combat COVID-19.

Top Kids’ Immune Boosts for Combating COVID-19

The human immune system works constantly to stop foreign invaders from infecting the body. Boosting your child’s immunity may protect them from contracting even the sneakiest of viruses, like COVID-19.

Read on to learn the best way to give kids an immune boost.

Vitamin Supplements

Many micronutrients build up immunity in the body, providing a stronger defense against illness. Giving your little one the best to boost their immunity may keep them safe during this pandemic.

The best immunity boost for toddlers is JoySpring’s Echinacea Drops. The main ingredient in these drops, echinacea, increases white blood cell production in the body, making it more difficult for microbes to infect them. 

By boosting that immunity, even if a virus does take hold in the body, they will not experience symptoms as severe as they might if they did not take the supplement. Daily echinacea drops take power away from this pandemic sweeping the world.

Healthy Eating

Feeding your little love healthy recipes means protecting them by helping their body build strength, which is one of the best immune boosters for toddlers. This may prove more difficult for picky eaters, but creativity is key to them!

Having them help you cook healthy meals may make them more apt to want to try them! Making sure your picky eater eats enough will help them stay strong enough to fight off infections.

Greens help boost immunity with vital doses of B vitamins that fuel a process called methylation. DNA methylation promotes the healthy functioning of T-Cells and helps the body avoid falling ill.

If your little one turns their nose to greens, try adding spinach, kale, and other veggies to smoothies! You might also try cutting veggies into fun shapes, adding greens to soups and pasta dishes, mashing them into mashed potatoes, and simply giving them a fun name.

Making fresh fruits your go-to for snack time will also keep them well. Choose those highest in vitamin C, like mango, kiwi, strawberries, and oranges.

But, this does not mean leave the other fruits and vegetables out. Different colors mean unique nutrients that each play a role in keeping your child healthy, so feed them the rainbow!

Also, add probiotics into their diet. Though children may turn their noses at many fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, they may love yoghurt. 

Look for brands with lower sugar content that contain live and active cultures. These microbes line the gut to maintain a healthy immune system by making no room for bad germs to colonize.

Outdoor Play Time

Outside play does wonders for boosting a child’s immune system. First, regularly exposing them to microbes in the natural world exercises their immune system and builds up the cells in the long run.

Regular exercise also helps by activating immune cells to give them a boosted defence against germs. Encourage them to stay active while they play.

Social distancing eliminates a lot of go-to activities, like playgrounds and group sports. But, you can still keep them moving.

Jump ropes offer a great solo aerobic workout that children love! Teach them to hopscotch to keep them occupied and moving.

Older kids might enjoy riding bikes, while toddlers may love chasing bubbles or running around after balls. If you find yourself piled with lawn work, have your child help garden, pull weeds, rake, and dig. What seems like hard work to you will feel like serious fun for them!

The UV rays from sunlight seem to further boost up immunity, by allowing the body to synthesize vitamin D and waking up important immune cells.

The sunlight also inhibits certain viruses from growing. This makes it a hot antiviral!

Still, protect your little one’s skin with good sunscreen. This will not prevent them from reaping the immune-boosting benefits!

Keep a Good Sleep Schedule

Without actual school days going on, you may feel tempted to let them stay up later. But, consider the health impact of doing so.

Sleep plays a crucial role in healing us and energizing our bodies. While most adults can function on 8 hours of shut-eye, toddlers need 10-12 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy.

You might feel that pushing back the bedtime does not matter if they also wake up later. But, this plan might actually hinder their immune system.

First, your child’s circadian rhythm might not allow them to seep in. Many kids seem wired to wake up at a specific time despite what time they fall asleep.

Second, they receive better quality of sleep with the most immune-boosting benefits at night. This is actually because of exposure to light and darkness changes the body’s hormones.

To keep a good immune-boosting schedule for your child, stay consistent. Create a relaxing routine before bed that helps them swing down, like a camomile bath and a book.

Avoid keeping nightlight in the room, because even small amounts of light affect melatonin production. If necessary, keep the nightlight just outside of their room.

Do not keep televisions or electronics in the room. This creates unneeded temptations and distractions from sleeping.

Set an alarm for the 12-hour mark to keep them from oversleeping, which may affect bedtime later. Staying consistent with the rules will help your child keep their immune cells working optimally.

Keep Your Child Healthy

Parenting always poses challenges, but this pandemic makes it especially scary. Though most children seem to brave the virus unharmed, they can still spread it if they become infected, and we still do not know all of the after-effects. Give kids an immune boost to keep them healthy and safe.

We want to help people of all ages live their best life! Read our recommended articles for more awesome health tips.

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