Keto Done Right: 7 Reasons to Include Smoothies in Your Diet

Health Benefits of Smoothies | 7 Reasons to Include Them in Your Diet

Are smoothies appropriate for a Keto diet? What other health benefits of smoothies are there? We answer all your questions about smoothies & fitness here.

Smoothies and fitness seem to go hand-in-hand.

We’ve all seen advertisements for diet shakes. They often come with outrageous claims and unbelievable “before and after” shots from their proponents.

Is there something to this shaking thing? Do smoothies help with weight loss?

The answer can be both yes and no. There are health benefits of smoothies that can help you lose weight. Your success with smoothies depends on what you’re putting into them, though.

A drink chock full of fruits and veggies is a fantastic way to start your morning. One that’s filled with whole milk and several tablespoons of peanut butter? Not so much.

Dust off your blender and keep reading to find 7 benefits of smoothies.

1. Provide a Hefty Dose of Nutrients

One of the clearest smoothie benefits is the massive dose of nutrition in each sip. Of course, this may depend upon what it is you’re filling your blender with. Fruits and raw vegetables have the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Those following the keto lifestyle know they can’t have too many fruits in their diet. Fortunately, many tasty veggies can boost your smoothies flavor and nutrient profile.

Our favorite smoothie veggies include spinach, kale, and beets. Carrots and pumpkin are also great options as they’re both naturally sweet.

Don’t be afraid to branch out with other low-carb veggies. Zucchini and cucumbers can make for tasty and refreshing summer smoothies.

Don’t forget to add healthy fats to your blender. Fats are necessary for our bodies to function as they should and are a great source of energy.

Try adding avocados or chia seeds for a boost of healthy fats. Don’t shy away from peanut butter, heavy cream, or coconut, either. These ingredients can provide a tasty and keto-friendly dose of fats.

2. They Can Boost Your Brain Power and Mental Clarity

Brain-friendly smoothie foods like leafy greens are chock full of antioxidants. An antioxidant is a substance that can protect your cells from heart disease and cancer.

These types of veggies have B-vitamins and folic acid, too. The vitamin B family can help improve your energy, memory, and focus. Folic acid can positively impact your mood and clarity.

3. They Aid in Digestion

A diet full of fruits and vegetables makes the digestion process more manageable. These foods are full of the fiber you need for healthy colon and bowel function. Smoothies can then help stave off constipation and promote regularity.

When you blend fruits and veggies, you’re encouraging a breakdown of the cells of the plants. This makes them much easier to digest. Blending unlocks the nutrients and makes it easier for them to be delivered to your body.

By adding liquids to your smoothie, the nutrients in veggies get released from their cellulose walls. This makes it easier for them to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

4. Hydrating Way to Start Your Day

A whopping 64% of American adults reach for coffee every morning. While caffeine has its benefits, it’s not as hydrating as other beverages.

Your morning smoothie will help hydrate you throughout your day. This isn’t only because they’re made with water, juices, or milk. The fruits and veggies you put into your blender are chock full of water, too.

If you’re struggling to get your eight glasses of water a day, add extra water to your smoothie. You’ll be drinking more H20 without even realizing it.

We recommend throwing in a few extra ice cubes on extra hot days for more hydration.

5. They Make Getting Your Veggies Easier

Not everyone finds it easy to eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables. In fact, only 10% of Americans are getting the recommended daily amount. The current recommendations are to strive for 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies daily.

Choosing a smoothie for a snack or breakfast makes hitting that RDA easier.

If you don’t consider yourself to be a veggie lover, we have even better news. The fruits you put in your smoothies will mask the flavor of the veggies.

This is especially true of spinach, red or green cabbage, carrots, yellow squash, and zucchini. Throw these veggies into your blender with reckless abandon. You won’t be able to taste them anyway.

6. They Are Convenient

A little bit of prep will go a long way. Preparing the fruits and vegetables in advance will save you a lot of time in the morning. It’ll be easier to reach for a smoothie than unhealthy breakfast convenience foods.

Measure out your fruits and vegetables beforehand. Pour them into individual freezer bags, and they’re ready to go straight into your blender.

Try freezing your liquid smoothie ingredients in advance, too. Pour greek yogurt into ice cube trays and pop the cubes out once frozen. They can go in the bags with your fruit and vegetables for your convenience.

Freeze coffee in ice cube trays for a little extra pizazz in your smoothie. Add a banana and milk to your blender with several coffee ice cubes for a tasty morning treat.

7. They Can Make Weight Loss Easier

If you’re struggling to lose weight, smoothies can help. They’re packed with nutrition and are often very low in calories. You’ll get a big dose of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber you need to drop pounds.

Dieters with a mean sweet tooth will love how naturally tasty smoothies are. They can help fight cravings and meet that need for something sweet.

Reap the Health Benefits of Smoothies

These are only 7 of the countless health benefits of smoothies. If you haven’t pulled out your blender in several years, dust that puppy off and get started. The possibilities for smoothie combinations are endless, so you’ll never get bored.

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