Dive In!: The Amazing Benefits of Water Exercise for Knee…

Water exercises for arthritis in knees will help you to lose weight and ease sore joints. The buoyancy of water softens the impact of exercise on your joints

Arthritic knees can have a huge impact on your life ranging from chronic pain to limited movement. If you want to avoid a knee replacement, you probably know that you need to start exercising. But how do you manage exercise when your knees are swollen and stiff during normal daily activities?

Water exercise can be a great option for people living with arthritis in the knee. Read on to learn about why you should consider this option for your arthritis treatments.

Less Impact on Your Joints

One of the primary benefits of water exercise for arthritic knees is that it can lessen the impact on your joints. Arthritis causes the cushioning tissues of your joints to break down, which causes pain and inflammation. Traditional exercise can increase the stress on these joints, making the problem worse even as you’re trying to improve it.

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