Dive In!: The Amazing Benefits of Water Exercise for Knee Arthritis

Water exercises for arthritis in knees will help you to lose weight and ease sore joints. The buoyancy of water softens the impact of exercise on your joints

Arthritic knees can have a huge impact on your life ranging from chronic pain to limited movement. If you want to avoid a knee replacement, you probably know that you need to start exercising. But how do you manage exercise when your knees are swollen and stiff during normal daily activities?

Water exercise can be a great option for people living with arthritis in the knee. Read on to learn about why you should consider this option for your arthritis treatments.

Less Impact on Your Joints

One of the primary benefits of water exercise for arthritic knees is that it can lessen the impact on your joints. Arthritis causes the cushioning tissues of your joints to break down, which causes pain and inflammation. Traditional exercise can increase the stress on these joints, making the problem worse even as you’re trying to improve it.

But in water you’re buoyant, which helps to take some of that impact off your joints. You can get all the benefits of exercise with none of the added strain on your knees. This buoyancy can also make it easier for people who may be a little more out of shape to start strengthening their muscles in gentle, effective ways.

Added Warmth Benefits

Depending on where you’re exercising, you may also get some added benefits of warmth from your water exercises. Heated pools are popular for exercise routines. Not only is this more comfortable, but it can help to soothe irritated and painful joints.

Heat helps to relax your muscles, which can ease up any extra tension you may be carrying around those joints. Heat also helps to dilate your blood vessels, which can deliver more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the sore tissues. This can help them heal and regenerate faster as well as making you feel better.

Natural Resistance

The trick of exercising arthritic joints is that you want to build muscle without putting extra strain on the joint. Water creates buoyancy to help reduce strain on your joints. But it can also provide natural resistance to help you gain the muscle strength you need to support your arthritic knees.

Moving your body through water takes more effort than moving through the air does. This can help to create gentle, all-over strength without putting too much strain on any one area. You don’t need weights or resistance bands or other gym equipment to get a gentle workout – just a pool.

Discover the Benefits of Water Exercise for Arthritis in the Knee

Water exercise can be a great option for those suffering from arthritis in the knee. It helps to support your joint while encouraging gentle muscle strengthening. And if you exercise in a heated pool, you can gain all the benefits of heat therapy as well.

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