Enhancing Intimacy Through the Coital Alignment Technique


The realm of intimate relationships often conceals a silent struggle, where the quest for sexual fulfillment and emotional closeness encounters barriers. For many, particularly women in sex therapy, the inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse not only dampens the physical experience but can also cast a shadow on emotional well-being.

Revolutionizing Intimacy with the Coital Alignment Technique

Enter the coital alignment technique (CAT), a refined approach to the classic missionary position, scientifically designed to enhance mutual pleasure and the likelihood of reaching orgasm simultaneously. This technique is not just about sexual mechanics; it is about restoring intimacy, adequacy, and joy to a couple’s private moments.

The Science of Simultaneous Satisfaction

A study monitoring sexual response in committed relationships unveiled staggering results post-CAT training. Women reporting regular orgasms during intercourse soared from 23% to 77%. Additionally, the previously nonexistent reports of simultaneous orgasms reached a remarkable one-third of participants.

CAT Fundamentals

The effectiveness of CAT lies in its five distinct elements, each meticulously crafted to maximize genital contact and, consequently, sexual response:

  1. Optimal Positioning: Here, the conventional missionary transforms. The woman lies on her back, the man atop, aligning in a “riding high” orientation. This strategic positioning allows for the penis to press firmly against the mons veneris, with the woman’s legs wrapped around the man’s thighs and ankles resting gently on calves, ensuring maximum clitoral contact.
  2. Controlled Movement: CAT dismisses the vigorous thrusting typical of conventional intercourse, focusing instead on subtle pelvic gyrations. This limited movement, essential for maintaining the correct position, channels energy directly into pleasure.
  3. Synchronized Pressure: Unlike traditional intercourse, where the man may dominate the rhythm, CAT requires a synchronized dance. Partners move in unison, creating a rhythmic pressure that intensifies the sexual response.
  4. Complete Genital Contact: CAT abandons the repetitive in-and-out thrusting, opting for a steady, rocking motion that maintains constant genital contact, vastly enhancing the potential for orgasm.
  5. Harmonized Climax: The technique encourages a “passive” orgasm approach, where movements do not become erratic at the climax but remain in harmony, allowing the orgasm to envelop both partners seamlessly.

The Study’s Verdict

The evidence is clear: nearly all participants reported enhancements in their sexual experiences post-CAT, with the technique also fueling a desire for increased frequency. It is not just about the orgasm; it is about the profound emotional resonance that a fulfilling sexual connection can bring to a relationship.


CAT promises more than just sexual pleasure; it offers a path to deeper connection and relationship satisfaction. It invites couples to journey toward a union where physical pleasure and emotional fulfillment are profoundly intertwined.

Call to Action

For couples eager to explore new dimensions of intimacy, the coital alignment technique stands as a testament to the power of coordinated effort and understanding. It is an invitation to journey together towards a horizon where physical and emotional fulfillment intertwines.

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