3 Steps to Treating Diabetes Symptoms

3 Steps to Treating Diabetes Symptoms

Are you looking for ways to treat diabetes? Here are a few steps for recognizing and managing your symptoms to lead a healthier life.

More than ten million Americans have diabetes, with millions more undiagnosed. Medical professionals can treat diabetes with medication, but you can also manage diabetes through diet and exercise. Knowing about tests and procedures is key to managing your diabetes symptoms.

Whether it’s type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, you’ll want to have the necessary tools to know the signs of diabetes. It doesn’t have to interfere with your life!  

Here are three steps to treating diabetes. 

1. Finding Out if You Have Diabetes

Your doctor will want to test your blood glucose levels. Your doctor will test your blood sugar levels after you fast to find out if you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. They will do this during a routine blood test.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a problem with the body regulating the amount of sugar in your system. Type 2 diabetes and obesity go hand-in-hand.  

In addition to a blood test, your doctor may also order an A1C or an oral glucose test. You typically receive these tests if you show diabetes symptoms. 

When you have diabetes, your pancreas isn’t producing much insulin. Some of the signs of diabetes include increased urination, weight loss (without trying), and blurred vision. Other diabetes symptoms include being very thirsty, dry skin, and tiredness. 

2. Diet and Exercise

Many people who have diabetes don’t take any medication; they test their blood sugar. You might be able to control your diabetes through diet and exercise.

Getting away from high-sugar and sweet snacks and foods is key to managing your diabetes. Focus on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods that don’t come from boxes or cans. Try eating out less and preparing more foods in your home to control your sugar intake.

Joining a gym or getting involved in an exercise program will also help you lose weight and get fit. While high-intensity workouts are great, walking is just as good! 

Get a fitness tracker to keep track of your daily steps! You can help keep yourself accountable for a healthier lifestyle and reduce your signs of diabetes.  

3. Medication

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, medication may be the answer to help you feel better and manage your diabetes symptoms. 

An insulin pump puts insulin into your body with the help of a computer. There’s also an insulin inhaler (much like an asthma inhaler). You take both before a meal. You can also take oral medications.

Regardless of your medication, you’ll have to keep tabs on your daily blood sugar levels. 

3 Steps to Treating Diabetes

It’s important to talk with your doctor about diabetes and testing for it accurately. To manage your diabetes symptoms, you’ll need to watch your diet, take part in exercise, and even take medication. Knowing the signs of diabetes can help you on a healthier lifestyle! 

Contact us about getting on a fitness program that can help you manage your symptoms of diabetes. Begin getting healthy today! 

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